Stata 15 help for spmatrix

[SP] spmatrix -- Categorical guide to the spmatrix command


The spmatrix command creates, imports, manipulates, and exports W spatial weighting matrices. Listed below are the sections describing the spmatrix command.

Creating standard weighting matrices spmatrix create Create standard matrix spdistance Calculator for distance between places

Creating custom weighting matrices spmatrix userdefined Custom creation using a user-defined function spmatrix fromdata Custom creation based on variables in the dataset spmatrix spfrommata Get weighting matrix from Mata spmatrix matafromsp Copy weighting matrix to Mata spmatrix normalize Normalize matrix

Manipulating weighting matrices spmatrix dir List names of weighting matrices in memory spmatrix summarize Details of weighting matrix stored in memory spmatrix drop Drop weighting matrix from memory spmatrix copy Copy weighting matrix to new name spmatrix save Save spatial weighting matrix to file spmatrix use Load spatial weighting matrix from file spmatrix note Set or list note spmatrix clear Drop all weighting matrices from memory

Importing and exporting weighting matrices spmatrix export Export weighting matrix in standard format spmatrix import Import weighting matrix in standard format

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