Stata 15 help for set scheme

[G-2] set scheme -- Set default scheme


query graphics

set scheme schemename [, permanently]


query graphics shows the graphics settings, which includes the graphics scheme.

set scheme allows you to set the graphics scheme to be used. The default setting is s2color.


permanently specifies that in addition to making the change right now, the scheme setting be remembered and become the default setting when you invoke Stata.


The graphics scheme specifies the overall look for the graph. You can specify the scheme to be used for an individual graph by specifying the scheme() option on the graph command, or you can specify the scheme once and for all by using set scheme.

See [G-4] schemes intro for a description of schemes and a list of available schemenames.

One of the available schemenames is economist, which roughly corresponds to the style used by The Economist magazine. If you wanted to make the economist scheme the default for the rest of this session, you could type

. set scheme economist

and if you wanted to make economist your default, even in subsequent sessions, you could type

. set scheme economist, permanently

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