Stata 15 help for set locale_ui

[P] set locale_ui -- Specify a localization package for the user interface


Specify a locale for user interface localization

set locale_ui locale

Use the system locale for user interface localization

set locale_ui default

locale Supported localization packages ---------------------------------------------- default System default en English zh_CN Chinese (simplified) ja Japanese es Spanish sv Swedish ----------------------------------------------


set locale_ui locale sets the locale that Stata uses for the user interface (UI). For example, the command set locale_ui ja causes Stata to display menus and various other UI text in Japanese. If a localization package can be matched to the specified locale, the language contained in that package will be used to display various UI elements (menus, dialogs, message boxes, etc.). The setting takes effect the next time Stata starts. If a locale specified in set locale_ui cannot be matched, the UI will be displayed using English.

set locale_ui default sets the locale that Stata uses to the system default. With this default setting, Stata will attempt to match the locale set in your computer's operating system. If the system default can be matched to one of Stata's installed localization packages, the UI elements will be displayed in the corresponding language. If Stata does not provide a localization package that can be matched to your operating system's locale, then English will be used.

For further discussion of locales, see [U] Locales in Unicode.

The current UI setting is stored in c(locale_ui).

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