Stata 15 help for set

[R] query -- Display system parameters

[R] set -- Overview of system parameters


set [setcommand ...]

query [ memory | output | interface | graphics | efficiency | network | update | trace | mata | unicode | other ]

For info. on See ------------------------------------------------- set adosize adosize set autotabgraphs autotabgraphs

set cformat set cformat set checksum checksum set clevel clevel set coeftabresults set coeftabresults set conren conren set copycolor set printcolor

set dockable dockable set dockingguides dockingguides set doublebuffer doublebuffer set dp format

set emptycells emptycells

set fastscroll fastscroll set floatwindows floatwindows set fredkey import fred set fvlabel set showbaselevels set fvtrack set fvtrack set fvwrap set showbaselevels set fvwrapon set showbaselevels

set graphics set graphics set haverdir import haver set httpproxy netio set httpproxyauth netio set httpproxyhost netio set httpproxyport netio set httpproxypw netio set httpproxyuser netio

set include_bitmap include_bitmap set level level set linegap linegap set linesize log set locale_functions set locale_functions set locale_ui set locale_ui set locksplitters locksplitters set logtype log set lstretch lstretch

set matastrict mata set set matalnum mata set set mataoptimize mata set set matafavor mata set set matacache mata set set matalibs mata set set matamofirst mata set set matsize matsize set maxdb db set maxiter maximize set maxvar memory set max_memory memory set min_memory memory set more more

set niceness memory set notifyuser notifyuser

set obs obs set odbcdriver odbc set odbcmgr odbc set output quietly

set pagesize more set pformat set cformat set pinnable pinnable set playsnd playsnd set prefix set prefix set printcolor set printcolor set processors processors

set reventries reventries set revkeyboard varkeyboard set rmsg rmsg set rng set rng set rngstate set rngstate set rngstream set rngstream

set scheme set scheme set scrollbufsize scrollbufsize set searchdefault search set seed set seed set segmentsize memory set sformat set cformat set showbaselevels set showbaselevels set showemptycells set showbaselevels set showomitted set showbaselevels set smoothfonts smoothfonts set sortseed sortseed

set timeout1 netio set timeout2 netio set trace trace set tracedepth trace set traceexpand trace set tracehilite trace set traceindent trace set tracenumber trace set tracesep trace set type generate

set update_interval update set update_prompt update set update_query update

set varabbrev varabbrev set varkeyboard varkeyboard -------------------------------------------------

set typed without arguments is equivalent to query typed without arguments.

To reset to the factory defaults, see [R] set_defaults.


set sets the values of various system parameters.

query displays the settings of various Stata parameters.

query memory displays memory-related system parameters.

query output displays parameters related to output.

query interface displays interface settings, which control how Stata's interface works.

query graphics displays settings that indicate how Stata's graphics are displayed.

query efficiency displays efficiency parameters.

query network displays network-related system parameters.

query update displays settings to determine how Stata performs updates.

query trace displays parameters related to program debugging and tracing.

query mata displays settings affecting Mata's system parameters.

query unicode displays settings related to Unicode.

query other displays other system parameters.

query without argument displays all of these sets of parameters.

Stata's c-class, c(), contains the values of system parameters and settings, along with certain constraints; see [P] creturn.


. query memory

. set matsize 500

. query

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