Stata 15 help for sem estat lcprob

[SEM] estat lcprob -- Latent class marginal probabilities


estat lcprob [, options]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- classpr latent class probability; the default classposteriorpr posterior latent class probability

nose do not estimate SEs post post margins and their VCE as estimation results display_options control column formats, row spacing, and line width -------------------------------------------------------------------------


Statistics > LCA (latent class analysis) > Class marginal probabilities


estat lcprob is for use after gsem but not sem.

estat lcprob reports a table of the marginal predicted latent class probabilities.


classpr, the default, calculates marginal predicted probabilities for each latent class.

classposteriorpr calculates marginal predicted posterior probabilities for each latent class. The posterior probabilities are a function of the latent class predictors and the fitted outcome densities.

nose suppresses calculation of the VCE and standard errors.

post causes estat lcprob to behave like a Stata estimation (e-class) command. estat lcprob posts the vector of estimated margins along with the estimated variance-covariance matrix to e(), so you can treat the estimated margins just as you would results from any other estimation command.

display_options: vsquish, fvwrap(#), fvwrapon(style), cformat(%fmt), pformat(%fmt), sformat(%fmt), and nolstretch.


See [SEM] example 50g, [SEM] example 53g, and [SEM] example 54g.


Setup . webuse gsem_lca1 . gsem (accident play insurance stock <- ), logit lclass(C 2)

Latent class marginal probabilities . estat lcprob

Stored results

estat lcprob stores the following in r():

Scalars r(N) number of observations

Macros r(title) title in output r(classposteriorpr) classposteriorpr

Matrices r(b) estimates r(V) variance-covariance matrix of the estimates r(table) matrix containing the margins with their standard errors, test statistics, p-values, and confidence intervals

estat lcprob with the post option also stores the following in e():

Scalars e(N) number of observations

Macros e(title) title in output e(classposteriorpr) classposteriorpr e(properties) b V

Matrices e(b) estimates e(V) variance-covariance matrix of the estimates

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