Stata 15 help for scheme s2

[G-4] scheme s2 -- Scheme description: s2 family


schemename Foreground Background Description ---------------------------------------------------------------------- s2color color white factory setting s2mono monochrome white s2color in monochrome s2gcolor color white used in the Stata manuals s2manual monochrome white s2gcolor in monochrome s2gmanual monochrome white previously used in the [G] manual ----------------------------------------------------------------------

For instance, you might type

. graph ..., ... scheme(s2mono)

. set scheme s2mono [, permanently]

See [G-3] scheme_option and [G-2] set scheme.


Schemes determine the overall look of a graph; see [G-4] schemes intro.

The s2 family of schemes is Stata's default scheme.


s2 is the family of schemes that we like for displaying data. It provides a light background tint to give the graph better definition and make it visually more appealing. On the other hand, if you feel that the tinting distracts from the graph, see [G-4] scheme s1; the s1 family is nearly identical to s2 but does away with the extra tinting.

In particular, we recommend that you consider scheme s1rcolor; see [G-4] scheme s1. s1rcolor uses a black background, and for working at the monitor, it is difficult to find a better choice.

In any case, scheme s2color is Stata's default scheme. It looks good on the screen, good when printed on a color printer, and more than adequate when printed on a monochrome printer.

Scheme s2mono has been optimized for printing on monochrome printers. Also, rather than using the same symbol over and over and varying the color, s2mono will vary the symbol's shape, and in connecting points, s2mono varies the line pattern (s2color varies the color).

Scheme s2gcolor is the scheme used in the Stata manuals. It is the same scheme as s2color except the graph size is smaller.

Scheme s2manual is the scheme used in the Stata manuals prior to Stata 13. It is basically s2mono, but smaller.

Scheme s2gmanual is the scheme used in the Stata Graphics manual prior to Stata 13. It is similar to s2manual except that connecting lines are solid and gray scales rather than patterned and black.

For an example, see Examples of schemes in Remarks and examples of [G-4] schemes intro.

Technical note: The colors used in the s2color scheme were changed slightly after Stata 8 to improve printing on color inkjet printers and printing presses -- the amount of cyan in the some colors was reduced to prevent an unintended casting toward purple. You probably will not notice the difference, but if you want the original colors, they are available in the scheme s2color8.

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