Stata 15 help for rocplot

[R] rocfit postestimation -- Postestimation tools for rocfit

Postestimation commands

The following command is of special interest after rocfit:

Command Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- rocplot plot the fitted ROC curve and simultaneous confidence bands -------------------------------------------------------------------------

The following standard postestimation commands are also available:

Command Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- estat ic Akaike's and Schwarz's Bayesian information criteria (AIC and BIC) estat summarize summary statistics for the estimation sample estat vce variance-covariance matrix of the estimators (VCE) estimates cataloging estimation results * lincom point estimates, standard errors, testing, and inference for linear combinations of coefficients * test Wald tests of simple and composite linear hypotheses ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * See Using lincom and test in [R] rocfit postestimation.

Syntax for rocplot

rocplot [, rocplot_options]

rocplot_options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Main confband display confidence bands norefline suppress plotting the reference line level(#) set confidence level; default is level(95)

Plot plotopts(plot_options) affect rendition of the ROC points

Fit line lineopts(cline_options) affect rendition of the fitted ROC line

CI plot ciopts(area_options) affect rendition of the confidence bands

Reference line rlopts(cline_options) affect rendition of the reference line

Add plots addplot(plot) add other plots to the generated graph

Y axis, X axis, Titles, Legend, Overall twoway_options any options other than by() documented in [G-3] twoway_options -------------------------------------------------------------------------

plot_options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- marker_options change look of markers (color, size, etc.) marker_label_options add marker labels; change look or position cline_options change look of the line -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Menu for rocplot

Statistics > Epidemiology and related > ROC analysis > ROC curves after rocfit

Description for rocplot

rocplot plots the fitted ROC curve and simultaneous confidence bands.

Options for rocplot

+------+ ----+ Main +-------------------------------------------------------------

confband specifies that simultaneous confidence bands be plotted around the ROC curve.

norefline suppresses plotting the 45-degree reference line from the graphical output of the ROC curve.

level(#) specifies the confidence level, as a percentage, for the confidence bands. The default is level(95) or as set by set level.

+------+ ----+ Plot +-------------------------------------------------------------

plotopts(plot_options) affects the rendition of the plotted ROC points, including the size and color of markers, whether and how the markers are labeled, and whether and how the points are connected. For the full list of available plot_options, see [G-3] marker_options, [G-3] marker_label_options, and [G-3] cline_options.

+----------+ ----+ Fit line +---------------------------------------------------------

lineopts(cline_options) affects the rendition of the fitted ROC line; see [G-3] cline_options.

+---------+ ----+ CI plot +----------------------------------------------------------

ciopts(area_options) affects the rendition of the confidence bands; see [G-3] area_options.

+----------------+ ----+ Reference line +---------------------------------------------------

rlopts(cline_options) affects the rendition of the reference line; see [G-3] cline_options.

+-----------+ ----+ Add plots +--------------------------------------------------------

addplot(plot) provides a way to add other plots to the generated graph; see [G-3] addplot_option.

+-----------------------------------------+ ----+ Y axis, X axis, Titles, Legend, Overall +--------------------------

twoway_options are any of the options documented in [G-3] twoway_options, excluding by(). These include options for titling the graph (see [G-3] title_options) and for saving the graph to disk (see [G-3] saving_option).


Setup . webuse hanley . rocfit disease rating

Test constant equals 0 . test [intercept]_cons

Plot fitted ROC curve and include confidence band . rocplot, confband

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