Stata 15 help for relativesize

[G-4] relativesize -- Choices for sizes of objects


relativesize Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- # specify size; size 100 = minimum of width and height of graph; # must be >= 0, depending on context

*# specify size change via multiplication; *1 means no change, *2 twice as large, *.5 half; # must be >= 0, depending on context ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Negative sizes are allowed in certain contexts, such as for gaps; in other cases, such as the size of symbol, the size must be nonnegative, and negative sizes, if specified, are ignored.


example Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- msize(2) make marker diameter 2% of g msize(1.5) make marker diameter 1.5% of g msize(.5) make marker diameter .5% of g msize(*2) make marker size twice as large as default msize(*1.5) make marker size 1.5 times as large as default msize(*.5) make marker size half as large as default

xsca(titlegap(2)) make gap 2% of g xsca(titlegap(.5)) make gap .5% of g xsca(titlegap(-2)) make gap -2% of g xsca(titlegap(-.5)) make gap -.5% of g xsca(titlegap(*2)) make gap twice as large as default xsca(titlegap(*.5)) make gap half as large as default xsca(titlegap(*-2)) make gap -2 times as large as default xsca(titlegap(*-.5)) make gap -.5 times as large as default ------------------------------------------------------------------------- where g = min(width of graph, height of graph)


A relativesize specifies a size relative to the graph (or subgraph) being drawn. Thus as the size of the graph changes, so does the size of the object.


relativesize is allowed, for instance, as a textsizestyle or a markersizestyle -- see [G-4] textsizestyle and [G-4] markersizestyle -- and as the size of many other things, as well.

Relative sizes are not restricted to being integers; relative sizes of .5, 1.25, 15.1, etc., are allowed.

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