Stata 15 help for projmanager


[P] projmanager -- Open Stata Project Manager


projmanager filename [, replace]


File > New > Project... (Select within Do-file Editor -- Windows and Unix only)


projmanager opens a window that lets you organize Stata files. If filename is specified without an extension, .dta is assumed. If your filename contains embedded spaces, remember to enclose it in double quotes.


replace specifies that filename, if it already exists, be overwritten. When you do not specify replace, the file is assumed to be new. If the specified file already exists, an error message is issued and no new window is opened.


projmanager filename opens a new window with the project open in the Project Manager and an empty document open in the Do-file Editor. If filename does not already exist on disk, it is created and then opened in the Project Manager.

You may have more than one project open at once. If you issue the projmanager command with a project that is already open, it brings the project's window to the front.

See [P] Project Manager to learn how to use the Project Manager to organize and open Stata files. Read [GSM] 13 Using the Do-file Editor---automating Stata, [GSU] 13 Using the Do-file Editor---automating Stata, or [GSW] 13 Using the Do-file Editor---automating Stata to learn how to use the Do-file Editor to create and execute do-files.

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