Stata 15 help for printer

[R] translate -- Printing files (Unix only)


printer define printername [{ps|txt} "Unix command with @" ]

printer query [printername]


The print command assumes you have a PostScript printer attached to your Unix computer and that the Unix command lpr(1) can be used to send PostScript files to it, but you can change this. It is possible that, on your Unix system, typing

mycomputer$ lpr < filename

is not sufficient to print PostScript files. For instance, perhaps on your system, you would need to type

mycomputer$ lpr -Plexmark < filename

or perhaps you need

mycomputer$ lpr -Plexmark filename

or perhaps you need something else. To set the print command to be lpr -Plexmark filename and state that the printer expects to receive PostScript files, type

. printer define prn ps "lpr -Plexmark @"

That is, just type the command necessary to send files to your printer and include an @ sign where the filename should be substituted. The default setting, as shipped from the factory is

. printer define prn ps "lpr < @"

You may define multiple printers. By default print uses the printer named prn, but print has the option printer(printername) and so, if you define multiple printers, you may route your output to them.

Any printers that you set will be remembered even across sessions. You can delete printers with the printer define printername command followed by nothing. You will not want to delete the definition of the prn printer.

You can list all the defined printers by typing printer query, and you can list the definition of a particular printer, say prn, by typing printer query prn.

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