Stata 15 help for prefix_saving_option


[R] prefix_saving_option -- Option for saving data from a prefix command


prefix_saving_option Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- saving(filename[, suboptions]) save data to disk ---------------------------------------------------------------------

suboptions Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- double save variables in double precision every(#) write results every #th replication replace overwrite filename ---------------------------------------------------------------------


The saving() option saves data to disk. This option is common among the prefix commands that repeatedly call other commands and collect user-specified results.


saving(filename [, suboptions]) creates a Stata data file (.dta file) consisting of (for each statistic in exp_list) a variable containing the replicates.

Statistics are implied or are specified by the user of the prefix command.


double specifies that the results for each replication be saved as doubles, meaning 8-byte reals. By default, they are saved as floats, meaning 4-byte reals. This option may be used without the saving() option to compute the variance estimates by using double precision.

every(#) specifies that results be written to disk every #th replication. every() should be specified in conjunction with saving() only when command takes a long time for each replication. This option will allow recovery of partial results should some other software crash your computer. See [P] postfile.

replace specifies that filename be overwritten if it exists. This option does not appear in the dialog box.

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