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Previously documented commands


Previously documented commands are commands of Stata from a previous release that are no longer documented because they have been superseded by more recent, better commands. The commands continue to work, although sometimes only under version control. The help files for the commands listed below are still available to assist in understanding old do-files and ado-files.

Last Command Description release --------------------------------------------------------------------------- [R] adjust tables of adjusted means and proportions 10 [R] anova_10 old (prior to Stata 11) anova command 10

[R] blogit logistic regression for grouped data 13 [R] bprobit probit regression for grouped data 13

[R] chelp display system help in the Results window 12 [R] ci_14_0 old (prior to Stata 14.1) ci command 14.0 [R] cii_14_0 old (prior to Stata 14.1) cii command 14.0 [D] clist list values of variables 11 [R] cnreg censored-normal regression 10

[R] dprobit probit regression, reporting marginal effects 10 [TS] dvech diagonal vech multivariate GARCH models 11

[D] fdasave save and use datasets in FDA (SAS XPORT) format 11 [R] findit search for information across all sources 12 [R] fracpoly fractional polynomial regression 12

[R] glogit weighted least-squares logistic regression 13 for grouped data [R] gprobit weighted least-squares probit regression 13 for grouped data [G-2] graph7 old (prior to Stata 8) graph command 7

[R] hadimvo identify multivariate outliers 7 [TS] haver load data from Haver Analytics database 12 [R] hsearch search help files 12

[D] icd9_13 old (prior to Stata 14) icd9 and icd9p commands 13 [D] impute fill in missing values; see mi impute instead 10 [D] insheet read text data created by a spreadsheet 12

[R] manova_10 old (prior to Stata 11) manova command 10 [P] matrix dispCns constrained estimation; see makecns instead 8 [P] matrix makeCns constrained estimation; see makecns instead 8 [R] merge_10 old (prior to Stata 11) merge command 10 [R] mfx obtain marginal effects or elasticities after 10 estimation ml_10 old (Stata 10) ml commands 10 mleval_10 mlmethod_10 ml_11 original (Stata 11) ml commands 11 mleval_11 mlmethod_11 [M-5] moptimize_11 original (Stata 11) moptimize() 11

[M-5] optimize_11 original (Stata 11) optimize() 11 [D] outsheet write spreadsheet-style dataset 12

[R] parse parse program arguments 4 [R] plot draw scatterplot using typewriter characters 7

[R] _qreg internal estimation command for quantile 12 regression

[R] sampsi sample size and power for means and proportions 12 [R] set charset set the character set used by Stata for 13 ASCII test (Mac only) [ST] stpower sample size, power, and effect size for survival 13 analysis [ST] stpower cox Sample size, power, and effect size for the Cox 13 proportional hazards model [ST] stpower Sample size and power for the exponential test 13 exponential [ST] stpower Sample size, power, and effect size for the 13 logrank log-rank test

[R] tobit_14 Tobit regression 14

[R] vce display variance-covariance matrix of estimators 8

[XT] xtmixed multilevel mixed-effects linear regression 12 [XT] xtmelogit multilevel mixed-effects logistic regression 12 [XT] xtmepoisson multilevel mixed-effects Poisson regression 12 [D] xmlsave export or import dataset in XML format 14

[R] ztnb zero-truncated negative binomial regression 11 [R] ztp zero-truncated Poisson regression 11 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

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