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[R] postest -- Postestimation Selector




Statistics > Postestimation


Launch the Postestimation Selector window. The window contains a list of all postestimation features that are available for the currently active estimation results. To launch the dialog box for an item in the list, select an item and click on Launch. The list is automatically updated when estimation commands are run or estimates are restored from memory or disk.


Stata uses an estimation followed by postestimation analysis paradigm. You type regress ... to fit a regression model, then you type test ... to test linear relationships among the estimated parameters, or you type contrast ... to compare marginal means, or you type rvfplot to see a residual-versus-fitted plot, or you type one of a myriad of other postestimation commands. This is an extension of Stata's "type a little, get a little" concept. The Postestimation Selector exposes this type of postestimation analysis to those who prefer to use the dialog boxes to fit and analyze models, or at least they sometimes prefer the dialogs when exploring their data. We might call this "click a little, get a little".

The Postestimation Selector knows what is available after any estimation command. It shows the full list of postestimation features that are available after any estimation, and it shows only those that are available. For example, if you fit a linear regression, you can choose from 59 postestimation analyses, including "Likelihood-ratio test comparing models". If, however, you fit that linear regression using survey estimation, the likelihood-ratio test is not available because that test has no meaning for survey estimation. You will, however, see 8 new postestimation features for survey-data analysis, including "Design and misspecification effects".

If you are using the menus and dialogs, we recommend you launch the Postestimation Selector and just leave it up -- select Statistics > Postestimation, or type postest at the command line. All available postestimation features for whatever model you are analyzing will then be just a click away.

Video example

Postestimation Selector

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