Stata 15 help for play_option

[G-3] play_option -- Option for playing graph recordings


play_option Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- play(recordingname) play edits from recordingname ------------------------------------------------------------------------- play() is unique; see repeated options.


Option play() replays edits that were previously recorded using the Graph Recorder.


play(recordingname) applies the edits from recordingname to the graph, where recordingname is the name under which edits previously made in the Graph Editor have been recorded and stored. See Graph Recorder in [G-1] graph editor.


Edits made in the Graph Editor (see [G-1] graph editor) can be saved as a recording and the edits subsequently played on another graph. In addition to being played from the Graph Editor, these recordings can be played when a graph is created or used from disk with the option play().

If you have previously created a recording named xyz and you are drawing a scatterplot of y on x, you can replay the edits from that recording on your new graph by adding the option play(xyz) to your graph command:

. scatter y x, play(xyz)

To learn about creating recordings, see Graph Recorder in [G-1] graph editor.

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