Stata 15 help for notes_


[P] notes_ -- Programmer's commands for use with notes


notes _dir macname

notes _count macname : name

notes _fetch macname : name #


These additional notes subcommands are for use by programmers. They are especially useful in certification scripts.

notes _dir macname returns in local macro macname the names that have notes associated with them. _dta is listed first, if it has notes, followed by variables that have notes. Variables are in alphabetical order.

notes _count macname : name returns the number of notes associated with name. name may be _dta or an unabbreviated variable name. The number of notes associated with name are returned in local macro macname. If name has no notes, 0 is stored in macname.

notes _fetch macname : name # returns the contents of the #th note associated with name, or returns "". The returned result is stored in local macro macname.

In the above commands with a colon, the colon must be surrounded by one or more spaces.

Warning: Code notes and not note when using these commands. If you code the singular, these commands will appear to work, but the returned result will not be filled into the local macro.

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