Stata 15 help for nodraw_option

[G-3] nodraw_option -- Option for suppressing display of graph


nodraw_option Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- nodraw suppress display of graph ------------------------------------------------------------------------- nodraw is unique; see repeated options.


Option nodraw prevents the graph from being displayed. Graphs drawn with nodraw may not be printed or exported, though they may be saved.


nodraw specifies that the graph not be displayed.


When you type, for instance,

. scatter yvar xvar, saving(mygraph)

a graph is displayed and is stored in file mygraph.gph. If you type

. scatter yvar xvar, saving(mygraph) nodraw

the graph will still be saved in file mygraph.gph, but it will not be displayed. The result is the same as if you typed

. set graphics off . scatter yvar xvar, saving(mygraph) . set graphics on

Here, however, the graph may also be printed or exported.

You need not specify saving() (see [G-3] saving_option) to use nodraw. You could type

. scatter yvar xvar, nodraw

and later type (or code in an ado-file)

. graph display Graph

See [G-2] graph display.

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