Stata 15 help for mf_moptimize_init_mlopts


[M-5] moptimize_init_mlopts() -- ml options parser for moptimize()


(void) moptimize_init_mlopts(M, string scalar mopts)


moptimize_init_mlopts() applies the options in mopts to M, where mopts is assumed to contain maximize options already parsed by the mlopts command.


You have a Stata program with syntax

syntax varlist [, program_options *]

and are parsing the standard maximize options using

mlopts mlopts options, `options'

Within your Mata code, you create an moptimize() object

M = moptimize_init()

and somewhere afterward, you apply the specified options in macro mlopts to the moptimize() object M by typing

moptimize_init_mlopts(M, st_local("mlopts"))


moptimize_init_mlopts(M, mopts) M : 1 x 1 mopts: 1 x 1


The first argument M must be the returned value from moptimize_init().

The string scalar mopts should contain space-delimited options found in [P] mlopts.

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