Stata 15 help for mf_date

[M-5] date() -- Date and time manipulation


tc = clock(strdatetime, pattern [, year])

tc = mdyhms(month, day, year, hour, minute, second)

tc = dhms(td, hour, minute, second)

tc = hms(hour, minute, second)

hour = hh(tc)

minute = mm(tc)

second = ss(tc)

td = dofc(tc)

tC = Cofc(tc)

tC = Clock(strdatetime, pattern [, year])

tC = Cmdyhms(month, day, year, hour, minute, second)

tC = Cdhms(td, hour, minute, second)

tC = Chms(hour, minute, second)

hour = hhC(tC)

minute = mmC(tC)

second = ssC(tC)

td = dofC(tC)

tc = cofC(tC)

td = date(strdate, dpattern [, year])

td = mdy(month, day, year)

tw = yw(year, week)

tm = ym(year, month)

tq = yq(year, quarter)

th = yh(year, half)

tc = cofd(td)

tC = Cofd(td)

td = dofb(tb, "calendar")

tb = bofd("calendar", td)

month = month(td)

day = day(td)

year = year(td)

dow = dow(td)

week = week(td)

quarter = quarter(td)

half = halfyear(td)

doy = doy(td)

ty = yearly(strydate, ypattern [, year])

ty = yofd(td)

td = dofy(ty)

th = halfyearly(strhdate, hpattern [, year])

th = hofd(td)

td = dofh(th)

tq = quarterly(strqdate, qpattern [, year])

tq = qofd(td)

td = dofq(tq)

tm = monthly(strmdate, mpattern [, year])

tm = mofd(td)

td = dofm(tm)

tw = weekly(strwdate, wpattern [, year])

tw = wofd(td)

td = dofw(tw)

hours = hours(ms)

minutes = minutes(ms)

seconds = seconds(ms)

ms = msofhours(hours)

ms = msofminutes(minutes)

ms = msofseconds(seconds)


tc = number of milliseconds from 01jan1960 00:00:00.000, unadjusted for leap seconds

tC = number of milliseconds from 01jan1960 00:00:00.000, adjusted for leap seconds

strdatetime = string-format date, time, or date/time, e.g., "15jan1992", "1/15/1992", "15-1-1992", "January 15, 1992", "9:15", "13:42", "1:42 p.m.", "1:42:15.002 pm", "15jan1992 9:15", "1/15/1992 13:42", "15-1-1992 1:42 p.m.", "January 15, 1992 1:42:15.002 pm"

pattern = order of month, day, year, hour, minute, and seconds in strdatetime, plus optional default century, e.g., "DMYhms" (meaning day, month, year, hour, minute, second), "DMYhm", "MDYhm", "hmMDY", "hms", "hm", "MDY", "MD19Y", "MDY20Yhm"

td = number of days from 01jan1960

tb = business date (days)

calendar = string scalar containing calendar name or %tb format

strdate = string-format date, e.g., "15jan1992", "1/15/1992", "15-1-1992", "January 15, 1992"

dpattern = order of month, day, and year in strdate, plus optional default century, e.g., "DMY" (meaning day, month, year), "MDY", "MD19Y"

hour = hour, 0-23

minute = minute, 0-59

second = second, 0.000-59.999 (maximum 60.999 in case of leap second)

month = month number, 1-12

day = day-of-month number, 1-31

year = year, e.g., 1942, 1995, 2008

week = week within year, 1-52

quarter = quarter within year, 1-4

half = half within year, 1-2

dow = day of week, 0-6, 0=Sunday

doy = day within year, 1-366

ty = calendar year

strydate = string-format calendar year, e.g., "1980", "80"

ypattern = pattern of strydate, e.g., "Y", "19Y"

th = number of halves from 1960h1

strhdate = string-format hdate, e.g., "1982-1", "1982h2", "2 1982"

hpattern = pattern of strhdate, e.g., "YH", "19YH", "HY"

tq = number of quarters from 1960q1

strqdate = string-format qdate, e.g., "1982-3", "1982q2", "3 1982"

qpattern = pattern of strqdate, e.g., "YQ", "19YQ", "QY"

tm = number of months from 1960m1

strmdate = string-format mdate, e.g., "1982-3", "1982m2", "3/1982"

mpattern = pattern of strmdate, e.g., "YM", "19YM", "MR"

tw = number of weeks from 1960w1

strwdate = string-format wdate, e.g., "1982-3", "1982w2", "1982-15"

wpattern = pattern of strwdate, e.g., "YW", "19YW", "WY"

hours = interval of time in hours (positive or negative, real)

minutes = interval of time in minutes (positive or negative, real)

seconds = interval of time in seconds (positive or negative, real)

ms = interval of time in milliseconds (positive or negative, integer)

Functions return an element-by-element result. Functions are usually used with scalars.

All variables are real matrix except the str* and *pattern variables, which are string matrix.


These functions mirror Stata's date functions; see [D] datetime.


clock(strdatetime, pattern, year), Clock(strdatetime, pattern, year): strdatetime: r1 x c1 pattern: r2 x c2 (c-conformable with strdatetime) year: r3 x c3 (optional, c-conformable) result: max(r1,r2,r3) x max(c1,c2,c3)

mdyhms(month, day, year, hour, minute, second), Cmdyhms(month, day, year, hour, minute, second): month: r1 x c1 day: r2 x c2 year: r3 x c3 hour: r4 x c4 minute: r5 x c5 second: r6 x c6 (all variables c-conformable) result: max(r1,r2,r3,r4,r5,r6) x max(c1,c2,c3,c4,c5,c6)

hms(hour, minute, second), Chms(hour, minute, second): hour: r1 x c1 minute: r2 x c2 second: r3 x c3 result: max(r1,r2,r3) x max(c1,c2,c3)

dhms(td, hour, minute, second), Cdhms(td, hour, minute, second): td: r1 x c1 hour: r2 x c2 minute: r3 x c3 second: r4 x c4 (all variables c-conformable) result: max(r1,r2,r3,r4) x max(c1,c2,c3,r4)

hh(x), mm(x), ss(x), hhC(x), mmC(x), ssC(x): x: r x c result: r x c

date(strdate, dpattern, year): strdate: r1 x c1 dpattern: r2 x c2 (c-conformable with strdate) year: r3 x c3 (optional, c-conformable) result: max(r1,r2,r3) x max(c1,c2,c3)

mdy(month, day, year): month: r1 x c1 day: r2 x c2 year: r3 x c3 (all variables c-conformable) result: max(r1,r2,r3) x max(c1,c2,c3)

yw(year, detail), ym(year, detail), yq(year, detail), yh(year, detail): year: r1 x c1 detail: r2 x c2 (c-conformable with year) result: max(r1,r2) x max(c1,c2)

month(td), day(td), year(td), dow(td), week(td), quarter(td), halfyear(td), doy(td): td: r x c result: r x c

yearly(str, pat, year), halfyearly(str, pat, year), quarterly(str, pat, year), monthly(str, pat, year), weekly(str, pat, year): str: r1 x c1 pat: r2 x c2 (c-conformable with str) year: r3 x c3 (optional, c-conformable) result: max(r1,r2,r3) x max(c1,c2,c3)

Cofc(x), cofC(x), dofc(x), dofC(x), cofd(x), Cofd(x), yofd(x), dofy(x), hofd(x), dofh(x), qofd(x), dofq(x), mofd(x), dofm(x), wofd(x), dofw(x): x: r x c result: r x c

dofb(tb, "calendar"): tb: r x c calendar: 1 x 1 result: r x c

bofd("calendar",td): calendar: 1 x 1 td: r x c result: r x c

hours(x), minutes(x), seconds(x), msofhours(x), msofminutes(x), msofseconds(x): x: r x c result: r x c



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Functions are built in.

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