Stata 15 help for mf_c_lc

[M-5] c() -- Access c() value


scalar c(string scalar name)

returned is either a real or string scalar, depending on the value of name.


c(name) returns Stata's c-class value; see [P] creturn.

Do not confuse c() with C(), which makes complex out of real arguments; see [M-5] C().


See [P] creturn or, in Stata, type

. creturn list

to see what is stored in c(). Among the especially useful c() values are

string c("current_date") string c("current_time") string c("os") string c("dirsep")


c(name): name: 1 x 1 result: 1 x 1


c(name) returns a string or real depending on the particular c() value requested. If name is an invalid name or contains a name for which no c() value is defined, returned is "".

Source code

Function is built in.

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