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[ME] me -- Introduction to me commands


Mixed-effects models are characterized as containing both fixed effects and random effects. The fixed effects are analogous to standard regression coefficients and are estimated directly. The random effects are not directly estimated (although they may be obtained postestimation) but are summarized according to their estimated variances and covariances. Random effects may take the form of either random intercepts or random coefficients, and the grouping structure of the data may consist of multiple levels of nested groups. As such, mixed-effects models are also known in the literature as multilevel models and hierarchical models. Mixed-effects commands fit mixed-effects models for a variety of distributions of the response conditional on normally distributed random effects.

Mixed-effects linear regression

mixed Multilevel mixed-effects linear regression

Mixed-effects generalized linear model

meglm Multilevel mixed-effects generalized linear model

Mixed-effects censored regression

metobit Multilevel mixed-effects tobit regression meintreg Multilevel mixed-effects interval regression

Mixed-effects binary regression

melogit Multilevel mixed-effects logistic regression meqrlogit Multilevel mixed-effects logistic regression (QR decomposition) meprobit Multilevel mixed-effects probit regression mecloglog Multilevel mixed-effects complementary log-log regression

Mixed-effects ordinal regression

meologit Multilevel mixed-effects ordered logistic regression meoprobit Multilevel mixed-effects ordered probit regression

Mixed-effects count-data regression

mepoisson Multilevel mixed-effects Poisson regression meqrpoisson Multilevel mixed-effects Poisson regression (QR decomposition) menbreg Multilevel mixed-effects negative binomial regression

Mixed-effects multinomial regression

Although there is no memlogit command, multilevel mixed-effects multinomial logistic models can be fit using gsem; see [SEM] example 41g.

Mixed-effects survival model

mestreg Multilevel mixed-effects parametric survival model

Nonlinear mixed-effects regression

menl Nonlinear mixed-effects regression

Postestimation tools specific to mixed-effects commands

estat df Calculate and display degrees of freedom for fixed effects estat group Summarize the composition of the nested groups estat icc Estimate intraclass correlations estat recovariance Display the estimated random-effects covariance matrices estat sd Display variance components as standard deviations and correlations estat wcorrelation Display model-implied within-cluster correlations and standard deviations

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