Stata 15 help for matconst

help matrix makeCns, help matrix dispCns previously documented -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


[P] matrix makeCns -- Constrained estimation


matrix makeCns [clist | matname]

matrix dispCns [, r ]

where clist is a list of constraint numbers, separated by commas or dashes.

matname is an existing matrix representing the constraints and must have one more column than the e(b) and e(V) matrices.


matrix makeCns makes a constraint matrix; the matrix can be obtained by the matrix get(Cns) function (see [P] matrix get or get()). matrix dispCns displays the system-stored constraint matrix in readable form.

See makecns for a newer alternative to matrix makeCns and matrix dispCns and for information on the matcproc command.

If your interest is simply in using constraints in a command that supports constrained estimation, then see [R] constraint and constraint.


r suppresses the output of matrix dispCns and instead fills in macros r(cns#) along with scalar r(k).

Also see

Manual: previously documented

Help: [P] makecns; [R] constraint; [P] matrix get

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