Stata 15 help for markdown

[P] markdown -- Convert Markdown document to an HTML file


markdown srcfile, saving(targetfile) [options]

srcfile is the Markdown document to be converted.

You may enclose srcfile and targetfile in double quotes and must do so if they contain blanks or special characters.

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * saving(targetfile) specify the target file to be saved replace replace the target file if it already exists hardwrap replace hard wraps (actual line breaks) with the HTML tag <br> nomsg suppress message of a link to targetfile ------------------------------------------------------------------------- * saving(targetfile) is required.


markdown converts a Markdown document to an HTML file.


saving(targetfile) specifies the target file to be saved. saving() is required.

replace specifies that the target file be replaced if it already exists.

hardwrap specifies that hard wraps (actual line breaks) in the Markdown document be replaced with the HTML line break tag <br>.

nomsg suppresses the message that contains a link to the target file.


markdown converts a Markdown document to an HTML file. A Markdown document is written using an easy-to-read, plain-text, lightweight markup language. For a detailed discussion and the syntax of markdown, see the Markdown Wikipedia page.

Stata uses Flexmark's Pegdown emulation as its default Markdown document processing engine. For information on Pegdown's flavor of Markdown, see the Pegdown GitHub page.

See [P] dyndoc and [P] dyntext for a full description of Stata's dynamic document-generation commands. markdown is used by dyndoc but may also be used directly by programmers.

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