Stata 15 help for m2_for

[M-2] for -- for (exp1; exp2; exp3) stmt


for (exp1; exp2; exp3) stmt

for (exp1; exp2; exp3) { stmts }

where exp1 and exp3 are optional, and exp2 must evaluate to a real scalar.


for is equivalent to

exp1 while (exp2) { stmt(s) exp3 }

stmt(s) is executed zero or more times. The loop continues as long as exp2 is not equal to zero.


To understand for, enter the following program

function example(n) { for (i=1; i<=n; i++) { printf("i=%g\n", i) } printf("done\n") }

and run example(3), example(2), example(1), example(0), and example(-1).

Common uses of for include

for (i=1; i<=rows(A); i++) { for (j=1; j<=cols(A); j++) { ... } }

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