Stata 15 help for logistic estimation commands


Stata has a variety of commands for performing estimation when the dependent variable is dichotomous or polytomous. Here is a list of some estimation commands that may be of interest. See estimation commands for a complete list of all of Stata's estimation commands.

Command Manual entry Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- asclogit [R] asclogit Alternative-specific conditional logit (McFadden's choice) model asmprobit [R] asmprobit Alternative-specific multinomial probit regression asroprobit [R] asroprobit Alternative-specific rank-ordered probit regression binreg [R] binreg GLM models for the binomial family biprobit [R] biprobit Bivariate probit regression clogit [R] clogit Conditional (fixed-effects) logistic regression cloglog [R] cloglog Complementary log-log regression exlogistic [R] exlogistic Exact logistic regression glm [R] glm Generalized linear models heckoprobit [R] heckoprobit Ordered probit model with sample selection heckprobit [R] heckprobit Probit model with sample selection hetprobit [R] hetprobit Heteroskedastic probit model ivprobit [R] ivprobit Probit model with endogenous covariates logit [R] logit Logistic regression, reporting coefficients mecloglog [ME] mecloglog Multilevel mixed-effects complementary log-log regression meglm [ME] meglm Multilevel mixed-effects generalized linear model melogit [ME] melogit Multilevel mixed-effects logistic regression meprobit [ME] meprobit Multilevel mixed-effects probit regression mlogit [R] mlogit Multinomial (polytomous) logistic regression meologit [ME] meologit Multilevel mixed-effects ordered logistic regression meoprobit [ME] meoprobit Multilevel mixed-effects ordered probit regression mprobit [R] mprobit Multinomial probit regression nlogit [R] nlogit Nested logit regression (RUM-consistent and nonnormalized) ologit [R] ologit Ordered logistic regression oprobit [R] oprobit Ordered probit regression probit [R] probit Probit regression rologit [R] rologit Rank-ordered logistic regression scobit [R] scobit Skewed logistic regression slogit [R] slogit Stereotype logistic regression svy: [SVY] svy estimation Estimation commands for survey data xtcloglog [XT] xtcloglog Random-effects and population-averaged cloglog models xtgee [XT] xtgee GEE population-averaged generalized linear models xtlogit [XT] xtlogit Fixed-effects, random-effects, and population-averaged logit models xtologit [XT] xtologit Random-effects ordered logistic models xtoprobit [XT] xtoprobit Random-effects ordered probit models xtprobit [XT] xtprobit Random-effects and population-averaged probit models -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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