Stata 15 help for locksplitters


Specify whether to prevent docking splitters from resizing windows (Windows only)


set locksplitters { on | off } [, permanently]


set locksplitters specifies whether to prevent splitters (the edges that separate docked windows) from resizing docked windows. This command applies only to Windows computers.

When splitters are active, a splitter icon will appear when the cursor hovers over a splitter. The splitter icon appears as two parallel lines with opposing perpendicular arrows. Dragging the splitter will resize the adjacent dockable windows. Only dockable windows can have splitters.

on indicates that splitters are locked and cannot resize adjacent windows. off indicates that splitters are unlocked and can resize adjacent windows. The default value of locksplitters is off.


permanently specifies that, in addition to making the change right now, the setting be remembered and become the default setting when you invoke Stata.

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