Stata 15 help for lmbuild

[M-3] lmbuild -- Easily create function library


. lmbuild libname [, [new|replace|add] dir(dirname) size(#)]

libname is the name of a Mata library, such as lexample.mlib. Library names must start with l and end in .mlib. Library names may be specified with or without the extension.

lmbuild is a Stata command that you use from Stata's dot prompt, not from Mata's colon prompt.


lmbuild builds Mata function libraries just as mata mlib does. Even though lmbuild virtually requires the creation of a do-file, it is easier to use and is therefore a better alternative than mata mlib.

Why two commands to do the same thing? mata mlib existed first to create Mata libraries, but it was complicated to use. lmbuild was added later and makes it easier to create those libraries.

You type lmbuild after Stata's dot prompt, not Mata's colon prompt.

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