Stata 15 help for linewidthstyle

[G-4] linewidthstyle -- Choices for thickness of lines


linewidthstyle Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- none line has zero width; it vanishes vvthin thinnest vthin thin medthin medium medthick thick vthick vvthick vvvthick thickest relativesize any size you want -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Other linewidthstyles may be available; type

. graph query linewidthstyle

to obtain the full list installed on your computer.


A line's look is determined by its pattern, thickness, alignment, and color; see lines. linewidthstyle specifies the line's thickness.

linewidthstyle is specified via options named

<object><l or li or line>width()

or, just

<l or li or line>width()

For instance, for connecting lines (the lines used to connect points in a plot) used by graph twoway function, the option is named lwidth():

. twoway function ..., lwidth(linewidthstyle) ...

Sometimes you will see that a linewidthstylelist is allowed:

. twoway line ..., lwidth(linewidthstylelist) ...

A linewidthstylelist is a sequence of linewidths separated by spaces. Shorthands are allowed to make specifying the list easier; see [G-4] stylelists.


If you specify the line width as none, the line will vanish.

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