Stata 15 help for linealignmentstyle

[G-4] linealignmentstyle -- Choices for whether outlines are inside, outside, or centered


linealignmentstyle Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- inside line is inside the outline outside line is outside the outline center line is centered on the outline -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Other linealignmentstyles may be available; type

. graph query linealignmentstyle

to obtain the full list installed on your computer.


The look of a border or outline for markers, fill areas, bars, and boxes is determined by its pattern, thickness, alignment, and color. linealignmentstyle specifies the alignment.

linealignmentstyle is specified via options named

<object><l or li or line>align()


<l or li or line>align()

For instance, for the bars used by graph twoway histogram, the option is named lalign():

. twoway histogram ..., lalign(linealignmentstyle) ...

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