Stata 15 help for line_options

[G-3] line_options -- Options for determining the look of lines


line_options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- lpattern(linepatternstyle) whether line solid, dashed, etc. lwidth(linewidthstyle) thickness of line lcolor(colorstyle) color and opacity of line lalign(linealignmentstyle) line alignment (inside, outside, center)

lstyle(linestyle) overall style of line pstyle(pstyle) overall plot style, including linestyle ------------------------------------------------------------------------- All options are rightmost; see repeated options.


The line_options determine the look of a line in most contexts.


lpattern(linepatternstyle) specifies whether the line is solid, dashed, etc. See [G-4] linepatternstyle for a list of available patterns. lpattern() is not allowed with graph pie; see [G-2] graph pie.

lwidth(linewidthstyle) specifies the thickness of the line. See [G-4] linewidthstyle for a list of available thicknesses.

lcolor(colorstyle) specifies the color and opacity of the line. See [G-4] colorstyle for a list of available colors.

lalign(linealignmentstyle) specifies whether the line is drawn inside, is drawn outside, is or centered on the outline of markers, fill areas, bars, and boxes. See [G-4] linealignmentstyle for a list of alignment choices.

lstyle(linestyle) specifies the overall style of the line: its pattern, thickness, color, and alignment.

You need not specify lstyle() just because there is something you want to change about the look of the line. The other line_options will allow you to make changes. You specify lstyle() when another style exists that is exactly what you desire or when another style would allow you to specify fewer changes.

See [G-4] linestyle for a list of available line styles.

pstyle(pstyle) specifies the overall style of the plot, including not only the linestyle, but also all other settings for the look of the plot. Only the linestyle affects the look of lines. See [G-4] pstyle for a list of available plot styles.


Lines occur in many contexts and, in some of those contexts, the above options are used to determine the look of the line. For instance, the lcolor() option in

. graph line y x, lcolor(red)

causes the line through the (y,x) points to be drawn in red.

The same option in the following

. graph line y x, title("My line", box lcolor(red))

causes the outline drawn around the title's box to be drawn in red. In the second command, the option lcolor(red) was a suboption to the title() option.

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