Stata 15 help for labelstyle


[G-4] labelstyle -- Choices for overall look of marker labels (scheme files version)


labelstyle Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- p1-p15 used by first-fifteenth twoway plot p1box-p15box used by first-fifteenth "box" plot ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Other labelstyles may be available. Type

. graph query labelstyle

to obtain the complete list of labelstyles installed on your computer.


labelstyle is a synonym for markerlabelstyle, and sets the textstyle and position for a marker label. This entry provides a more formal definition than what is found in markerlabelstyle and is better suited for those creating scheme files.


Remarks are presented under the following headings:

What is a labelstyle? What are numbered styles?

What is a labelstyle?

The look of marker labels is defined by three attributes:

1. textstyle -- the look of the label text, including size, color, etc.; see [G-4] textstyle.

2. clockposstyle -- the position of the label relative to the marker; see [G-4] clockposstyle.

3. textsizestyle -- the gap between the marker and the label; see [G-4] textsizestyle.

The labelstyle specifies all of these attributes.

What are numbered styles?

p1-p15 are the default styles used for labeling the markers on twoway graphs. p1 is used for the first set of marker labels, p2 for the second, and so on.

p1box-p15box are the default styles used for labeling the outside values on box charts. p1box is used for the first set of outside values, p2box for the second, and so on.

The "look" defined by a numbered style, such as p1, p2, p1box, etc, is determined by the scheme selected. By "look" we mean textstyle, clockposstyle, and textsizestyle.

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