Stata 15 help for keep

[D] drop -- Drop variables or observations


Drop variables

drop varlist

Drop observations

drop if exp

Drop a range of observations

drop in range [if exp]

Keep variables

keep varlist

Keep observations that satisfy specified condition

keep if exp

Keep a range of observations

keep in range [if exp]

by is allowed with the second syntax of drop and the second syntax of keep; see [D] by.


Drop or keep variables

Data > Variables Manager

Drop or keep observations

Data > Create or change data > Drop or keep observations


drop eliminates variables or observations from the data in memory.

keep works the same way as drop, except that you specify the variables or observations to be kept rather than the variables or observations to be deleted.

Warning: drop and keep are not reversible. Once you have eliminated observations, you cannot read them back in again. You would need to go back to the original dataset and read it in again. Instead of applying drop or keep for a subset analysis, consider using if or in to select subsets temporarily. This is usually the best strategy. Alternatively, applying preserve followed in due course by restore may be a good approach.


Setup . sysuse census

Describe the data . describe

Drop all variables with names that begin with pop . drop pop*

Describe the resulting data . describe

Drop marriage and divorce . drop marriage divorce

Describe the resulting data . describe

Drop any observation for which medage is greater than 32 . drop if medage > 32

Drop the first observation for each region . by region, sort: drop if _n == 1

Drop all but the last observation in each region . by region: drop if _n != _N

Keep the first 2 observations in the dataset . keep in 1/2

Describe the resulting data . describe

Drop all observations and variables . drop _all

Describe the resulting data . describe

Stored results

drop and keep store the following in r():

Scalars r(N_drop) number of observations dropped r(k_drop) number of variables dropped

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