Stata 15 help for include_bitmap


Set the output behavior when copying an image to the Clipboard (Mac only)


set include_bitmap { on | off } [, permanently]


set include_bitmap sets the output behavior when copying an image to the Clipboard. In macOS, the PDF format is the preferred format for images copied to the Clipboard. However, many legacy applications, such as Microsoft Office 2004, do not support PDF images from the Clipboard. When include_bitmap is on, Stata copies an image to the Clipboard in both the PDF format and the TIFF bitmap format. This allows Stata to provide the preferred PDF image for modern applications while maintaining compatibility with legacy applications with a bitmap image. Bitmap images are resolution dependent and do not scale or print well. When possible, use applications that are compatible with the PDF format for the best possible output.

Some modern applications, such as PowerPoint from Microsoft Office 2008, will mistakenly paste in a bitmap image instead of a PDF image from the Clipboard even if both image formats are available. Set include_bitmap to off for Stata to copy only a PDF image to the Clipboard to avoid this behavior with PowerPoint. Word from Microsoft Office 2008 does not exhibit this behavior and will correctly paste in a PDF image if both PDF and bitmap images are available from the Clipboard.

The default value of include_bitmap is on.


permanently specifies that, in addition to making the change right now, the setting be remembered and become the default setting when you invoke Stata.

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