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[U] 19 Immediate commands


An immediate command is a command that obtains data not from the data stored in memory but from numbers typed as arguments. Immediate commands, in effect, turn Stata into a glorified hand calculator.

Sometimes you may not have the data, but you know something about the data and what you do know is adequate to perform the statistical test.

Immediate commands have the following properties:

1. They never disturb the data in memory.

2. The syntax for all is the same: the command name followed by numbers that are the summary statistics from which the statistic is calculated.

3. Immediate commands end in the letter i, although the converse is not true.

4. Immediate commands are documented along with their nonimmediate cousins.

Immediate commands include the following:

Command Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- bitesti Binomial probability test cci Tables for epidemiologists; see [R] epitab csi iri mcci cii Confidence intervals for means, proportions, counts esizei Effects size based on mean comparison prtesti One- and two-sample tests of proportions sdtesti Variance comparison tests symmi Symmetry and marginal homogeneity tests tabi One- and two-way tables of frequencies ttesti t tests (mean-comparison tests) twoway pci Paired-coordinate plot with spikes or lines twoway pcarrowi Paired-coordinate plot with arrows twoway scatteri Scatterplot ztesti z tests (mean-comparison tests, known variance) ---------------------------------------------------------------------

The display command is not really an immediate command, but it can be used to perform as a hand calculator; see [P] display.

power is not technically an immediate command because it does not do something on typed numbers that another command does on the dataset. It does, however, work strictly on numbers you type on the command line and does not disturb the data in memory. power performs power and sample-size analysis. See power.

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