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Advice on finding help

Let's say you are trying to find out how to do something. With about 3,000 help files and 14,000 pages of PDF documentation, we have probably explained how to do whatever you want. The documentation is filled with worked examples that you can run on supplied datasets. Whatever your question, try the following first:

1. Select Help from the Stata menu and click on Search....

2. Type some keywords about the topic that interests you, say, "logistic regression".

3. Look through the resulting list of available resources, including help files, FAQs, Stata Journal articles, and other resources.

4. Select the resource whose description looks most helpful. Usually, this description will be a help file and will include "(help <xyz>)", or, as in our example, perhaps "(help logistic)". Click on the blue link "logistic".

5. Let's assume you have selected the "(help logistic)" entry. You are probably not interested in the syntax at the top of the file, but you would like to see some examples. Select Jump To from the Viewer menu (in the top right corner of the help file now on your screen), and click on Examples. You will be taken to example commands that you can run on example datasets. Simply cut and paste those commands into Stata to see the results.

6. If you are new to the logistic command and want both an overview and worked examples with discussion, from the Also See menu, click on [R] logistic with the PDF icon. Or at the top of the help file, click on the blue title of the entry ([R] logistic). Your PDF viewer will be opened to the full documentation of the logistic command.

7. There is a lot of great material in this documentation for both experts and novices. As with the help file, you will often want to begin first with the Remarks and examples section. Simply click on the Remarks and examples link at the top of the logistic entry. A complete discussion of the logistic command can be found in the remarks along with worked examples that run on supplied datasets and are explained in detail. That should get you ready to use the command on your own data.

If that does not help, try the many other Stata resources; see Resources for learning more about Stata.

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