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[R] help -- Display help in Stata


Stata's help system

There are several kinds of help available to the Stata user. For more information, see Advice on getting help. The information below is technical details about Stata's help command.



help [command_or_topic_name] [, nonew name(viewername) marker(markername)]


Help > Stata command...


The help command displays help information about the specified command or topic. help launches a new Viewer to display help for the specified command or topic or displays help on the console in Stata for Unix(console). If help is not followed by a command or a topic name, Stata displays advice for using the help system and documentation.


nonew specifies that a new Viewer window not be opened for the help topic if a Viewer window is already open. The default is for a new Viewer window to be opened each time help is typed so that multiple help files may be viewed at once. nonew causes the help file to be displayed in the topmost open Viewer.

name(viewername) specifies that help be displayed in a Viewer window named viewername. If the named window already exists, its contents will be replaced. If the named window does not exist, it will be created.

marker(markername) specifies that the help file be opened to the position of markername within the help file.


To obtain help for any Stata command, type help command or select Help > Stata command... and fill in command.

help is best explained by examples.

To obtain help for ... type regress help regress postestimation tools for regress help regress postestimation or help regress post graph option xlabel() help graph xlabel() Stata function strpos() help strpos() Mata function optimize() help mata optimize()


o help displays advice for using the help system and documentation.

o help guide displays a table of contents for basic Stata concepts.

o help estimation commands displays an alphabetical listing of all Stata estimation commands.

o help functions displays help on Stata functions by category.

o help mata functions displays a subject table of contents for Mata's functions.

o help ts glossary displays the glossary for the time-series manual, and similarly for the other Stata specialty manuals.

If you type help topic and help for topic is not found, Stata will automatically perform a search for topic.

For instance, try typing help forecasting. A forecasting help file is not found, so Stata executes search forecasting and displays the results in the Viewer.

See [U] 4 Stata's help and search facilities for a complete description of how to use help.

Video example

Quick help in Stata

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