Stata 15 help for gs_stat


[G-2] gs_stat -- Subroutine to verify (non)existence of graph


gs_stat { exists | !exists } name

gs_stat lmac : name


gs_stat's first syntax verifies that graph name either exists or does not exist.

gs_stat's second syntax returns in local macro lmac "exists" or "!exists".


gs_stat's first syntax returns nothing and is silent if name is as asserted; otherwise, it issues the appropriate error message:

___ invalid name r(198);

graph ___ already exists r(110);

graph ___ not found r(111);

class object ___ exists but is not a graph r(110);

class object ___ (not a graph) already exists r(110);

gs_stat's second syntax returns in lmac whether the file exists, but it still might issue the error messages

___ invalid name r(198);

class object ___ (not a graph) exists: ___ cannot be used as a graph name r(110);

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