Stata 15 help for gs_graphinfo


[G-2] gs_graphinfo -- Subroutine to obtain information about memory graph


gs_graphinfo graphname


gs_graphinfo returns information, including the command that generated the graph.


gs_graphinfo produces no output except for error messages.

gs_graphinfo mirrors gs_fileinfo; see gs_fileinfo.

Stored results

gs_graphinfo stores the following in r():

local r(fn) graph name local r(ft) "live"

local r(scheme) scheme name local r(ysize) ysize() value local r(xsize) xsize() value

local r(command) command local r(command_date) date on which command was run local r(command_time) time at which command was run local r(family) family to which command belongs

local r(dtafile) .dta file in memory at command_time local r(dtafile_date) .dta file date

Note that any of r(command), ..., r(dtafile_date) may be undefined, so refer to contents using macro quoting.

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