Stata 15 help for gs_filetype


[G-2] gs_filetype -- Subroutine to determine type of .gph file


gs_filetype filename [, suffix ]


gs_filetype returns whether filename is old, asis, or live format.


suffix specifies that filename is to be suffixed with .gph if it does not already contain a suffix.


gs_filetype produces no output except for the error messages:

invalid file specification r(198);

file ____ not found r(601);

file ____ not a Stata .gph file r(610);

file ____ is a new format that this version of Stata does not know how to read suggestion: type -update query- r(610);

file ____ is an old format that Stata no longer knows how to read r(610);

Stored results

gs_filetype stores the following in r():

local r(fn) filename or filename.gph local r(ft) "old", "asis", or "live" local r(olddtl) "real" or "emulation", if r(ft)=="old" scalar r(fversion) file format if live scalar r(cversion) code format if live

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