Stata 15 help for gs_fileinfo


[G-2] gs_fileinfo -- Subroutine to obtain information about .gph file


gs_fileinfo filename [, suffix ]


gs_fileinfo returns whether filename is old, asis, or live and, if it is live, returns additional information including the command that generated the graph.


suffix specifies that filename is to be suffixed with .gph if it does not already contain a suffix.


gs_fileinfo produces no output except for error messages.

gs_fileinfo is implemented in terms of gs_filetype; see gs_filetype.

Stored results

gs_fileinfo stores the following in r():

local r(fn) filename or filename.gph local r(ft) "old", "asis", or "live"

If r(ft)=="live", then the following is also stored:

scalar r(fversion) file format scalar r(cversion) code format

local r(scheme) scheme name local r(ysize) ysize() value local r(xsize) xsize() value

local r(command) command local r(command_date) date on which command was run local r(command_time) time at which command was run local r(family) family to which command belongs

local r(dtafile) .dta file in memory at command_time local r(dtafile_date) .dta file date

Note that any of r(command), ..., r(dtafile_date) may be undefined, so refer to contents using macro quoting.

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