Stata 15 help for graph_use

[G-2] graph use -- Display graph stored on disk


graph use filename [, options]

options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- nodraw do not draw the graph name(name [, replace]) specify new name for graph scheme(schemename) overall look play(recordingname) play edits from recordingname -------------------------------------------------------------------------


graph use displays (draws) the graph previously saved in a .gph file and, if the graph was stored in live format, loads it.

If filename is specified without an extension, .gph is assumed.


nodraw specifies that the graph not be displayed. If the graph was stored in live format, it is still loaded; otherwise, graph use does nothing. See [G-3] nodraw_option.

name(name[, replace]) specifies the name under which the graph is to be stored in memory, assuming that the graph was saved in live format. filename is the default name, where any path component in filename is excluded. For example,

. graph use mydir\mygraph.gph

will draw a graph with the name mygraph.

If the default name already exists graph# is used instead, where # is chosen to create a unique name.

If the graph is not stored in live format, the graph can only be displayed, not loaded, and the name() is irrelevant.

scheme(schemename) specifies the scheme controlling the overall look of the graph to be used; see [G-3] scheme_option. If scheme() is not specified, the default is the schemename recorded in the graph being loaded.

play(recordingname) applies the edits from recordingname to the graph, where recordingname is the name under which edits previously made in the Graph Editor have been recorded and stored. See Graph Recorder in [G-1] graph editor.


Graphs can be saved at the time you draw them either by specifying the saving() option or by subsequently using the graph save command; see [G-3] saving_option and [G-2] graph save. Modern graphs are saved in live format or as-is format; see gph files. Regardless of how the graph was saved or the format in which it was saved, graph use can redisplay the graph; simply type

. graph use filename

In a prior session, you drew a graph by typing

. twoway qfitci mpg weight, stdf || scatter mpg weight || , by(foreign, total row(1)) saving(cigraph)

The result of this was to create file cigraph.gph. At a later date, you can see the contents of the file by typing

. graph use cigraph

You might now edit the graph (see [G-1] graph editor), or print a copy of the graph.

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