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help graph7, help gr7 previously documented -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


[G-2] graph7 -- The old graph command


{graph7 | gr7} [varlist] [weight] [if exp] [in range] [, ...]

{graph7 | gr7} using filename [filename ...] [, ...]


Stata's graph command changed markedly as of Stata 8. graph7, or gr7, provides access to the old graph command.

graph, run under version control, is also the old graph command, and thus old ado-files and commands continue to work although they do not pick up the new features available under Stata 8.

See graph for the modern version of graph.

Details of the old graph command

version 7: graph ...

{graph7 | gr7} [varlist] [weight] [if exp] [in range] [, graph_type specific_options common_options]

{graph7 | gr7} using filename [filename ...] [, graph_using_options]

set textsize #

where graph_type is specified using one of the following eight options:

Option Graph type See help ---------------------------------------------------- histogram Histogram gr7hist twoway Two-way scatterplot gr7twoway matrix Two-way scatterplot matrix gr7matrix oneway One-way scatterplot gr7oneway box Box-and-whisker plot gr7box star Star chart gr7star bar Bar chart gr7bar pie Pie chart gr7pie ----------------------------------------------------

and specific_options are documented with the help file for the particular graph type. The common_options are documented as shown below.

common_options See help ------------------------------------------------------ title and axes options gr7axes symbol and line options gr7sym color and shading options gr7color saving, printing, & multiple image options gr7other ------------------------------------------------------

The graph_using_options are documented in gr7other.

fweights, iweights, and aweights are allowed; all are treated identically; see weight.

graph7's varlist may contain time-series operators; see varlist.

The old set textsize command controls the size of all text appearing on the graph. textsize is originally 100, meaning 100% of normal size. set textsize 125 will make the text 25% larger than normal. set textsize 75 will make it smaller.

Also see

Manual: previously documented

Help: [G-2] graph; gr7axes, gr7color, gr7oneway, gr7star, gr7bar, gr7hist, gr7other, gr7sym, gr7box, gr7matrix, gr7pie, gr7twoway, gph, gprefs

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