Stata 15 help for graph

[G-2] graph -- The graph command


graph ...

The commands that draw graphs are

Command Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- graph twoway scatterplots, line plots, etc. graph matrix scatterplot matrices graph bar bar charts graph dot dot charts graph box box-and-whisker plots graph pie pie charts other more commands to draw statistical graphs ---------------------------------------------------------------------

The commands that save a previously drawn graph, redisplay previously saved graphs, and combine graphs are

Command Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- graph save save graph to disk graph use redisplay graph stored on disk graph display redisplay graph stored in memory graph combine combine multiple graphs graph replay redisplay graphs stored in memory and on disk ---------------------------------------------------------------------

The commands for printing a graph are

Command Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- graph print print currently displayed graph set printcolor set how colors are printed graph export export .gph file to PostScript, etc. ---------------------------------------------------------------------

The commands that deal with the graphs currently stored in memory are

Command Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- graph display display graph graph dir list names graph describe describe contents graph rename rename memory graph graph copy copy memory graph to new name graph drop discard graphs in memory graph close close Graph windows --------------------------------------------------------------------- Also see [G-2] graph manipulation.

The commands that describe available schemes and allow you to identify and set the default scheme are

Command Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- graph query, schemes list available schemes query graphics identify default scheme set scheme set default scheme --------------------------------------------------------------------- Also see [G-4] schemes intro.

The command that lists available styles is

Command Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- graph query list available styles ---------------------------------------------------------------------

The command for setting options for printing and exporting graphs is

Command Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- graph set set graphics options ---------------------------------------------------------------------

The command that allows you to draw graphs without displaying them is

Command Description --------------------------------------------------------------------- set graphics set whether graphs are displayed ---------------------------------------------------------------------


graph draws graphs.


See [G-1] graph intro.

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