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help gr7star (out-of-date command) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


This help file documents the old version of Stata's graph command. See graph for the modern version.

Stata runs the old version of graph whenever graph is invoked under version control (see version) or when you use the graph7 or gr7 command.

Graph star charts (graph7, star command)

{graph7 | gr7} [varlist] [weight] [if exp] [in range], star [common_options label(varname) select(#,#)]

common_options See help ------------------------------------------------------ title and axes options gr7axes symbol and line options gr7sym color and shading options gr7color saving, printing, & multiple image options gr7other ------------------------------------------------------

by is allowed; see by.


graph7 ... , star ... specifies a star chart. Up to 16 variables may be specified. For an introduction to graph7, see graph7.

Options unique to star

label(varname) specifies that the contents of varname should be used to label each star. varname may be either string or numeric. By default, graph7 labels each star with its observation number.

select(#1,#2) selects observations #1 through #2 for graphing. graph7 still examines all the data to set the scaling. The scaling of a star chart is a function of all the stars to be graphed. select() allows you to magnify one or a few stars in the data while maintaining the same scaling.


. graph7 x1 x2 x3 x4, star

. graph7 headroom-gear_ratio, star bsize(125) label(make)

. graph7 headroom-gear_ratio, star bsize(125) label(make) select(1,9)

Also see

The eight graph7 types are specified as options. The other seven types are

Option Graph type See help ---------------------------------------------------- histogram histogram gr7hist twoway Two-way scatterplot gr7twoway matrix Two-way scatterplot matrix gr7matrix oneway One-way scatterplot gr7oneway box Box-and-whisker plot gr7box bar Bar chart gr7bar pie Pie chart gr7pie ----------------------------------------------------

Help: [G-2] graph7, gr7axes, gr7color, gr7other, gr7sym

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