Stata 15 help for exp_list


exp_list -- Expression lists


The expressions in exp_list are assumed to conform to the following grammar. Note that exp_list should not be enclosed in parentheses, though individual expressions may be.

exp_list contains (name: elist) elist eexp

elist contains newvar = (exp) (exp)

eexp is specname [eqno]specname

specname is _b _b[] _se _se[]

eqno is ## name

exp is a standard Stata expression; see help exp.


. sysuse auto

. bootstrap (location: mean=r(mean) median=r(p50)) (scale: sd=r(sd) iqr=(r(p75)-r(p25)) range=(r(max)-r(min))) : summarize price, detail

. bootstrap or=(exp(_b[mpg])): logit foreign mpg weight

. jackknife sd=(r(sd)) skew=(r(skewness)), rclass: summarize mpg, detail

. permute price _b rmse=(e(rmse)): regress price trunk

. statsby _b n=(e(N)), by(rep78 foreign): regress mpg weight

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