Stata 15 help for estimates_replay

[R] estimates replay -- Redisplay estimation results


estimates replay

estimates replay namelist

where namelist is a name, a list of names, _all, or *. A name may be ., meaning the current (active) estimates. _all and * mean the same thing.


Statistics > Postestimation


estimates replay redisplays the current (active) estimation results, just as typing the name of the estimation command would do.

estimates replay namelist redisplays each specified estimation result. The active estimation results are left unchanged.


Setup . sysuse auto . gen gpm = 1/mpg

Fit a regression . regress gpm i.foreign i.foreign#c.weight displ

Store the results as reg . estimates store reg

Fit a quantile regression . qreg gpm i.foreign i.foreign#c.weight displ

Store the results as qreg . estimates store qreg

Test equality of two parameters for each set of results . estimates for reg qreg: test 0.foreign#c.weight==1.foreign#c.weight

Replay most recent results . estimates replay

Replay results stored as reg . estimates replay reg

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