Stata 15 help for estimates_notes

[R] estimates notes -- Add notes to estimation results


estimates notes: text

estimates notes

estimates notes list [in noterange]

estimates notes drop in noterange

where noterange is # or #/# and where # may be a number, the letter f (meaning first), or the letter l (meaning last).


estimates notes: text adds a note to the current (active) estimation results.

estimates notes and estimates notes list list the current notes.

estimates notes drop in noterange eliminates the specified notes.


Setup . sysuse auto . regress mpg weight displ if foreign

Add filename as a note . estimates notes: file `c(filename)'

Add data signature to results, too . datasignature . estimates notes: datasignature report `r(datasignature)'

Save results to disk . estimates save foreign

List notes . estimates notes list in 1/2

Delete second note . estimates notes drop in 2

Show the current notes . estimates notes

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