Stata 15 help for estimates_for

[R] estimates for -- Repeat postestimation command across models


estimates for namelist [, options]: postestimation_command

where namelist is a name, a list of names, _all, or *. A name may be ., meaning the current (active) estimates. _all and * mean the same thing.

options Description -------------------------------------------------- noheader do not display title nostop do not stop if command fails --------------------------------------------------


estimates for performs postestimation_command on each estimation result specified.


noheader suppresses the display of the header as postestimation_command is executed each time.

nostop specifies that execution of postestimation_command is to be performed on the remaining models even if it fails on some.


Setup . sysuse auto . gen gpm = 1/mpg

Fit a linear regression model . regress gpm i.foreign i.foreign#c.weight displ

Store the results as reg . estimates store reg

Fit a quantile regression model . qreg gpm i.foreign i.foreign#c.weight displ

Store the results as qreg . estimates store qreg

Perform the same test on reg and qreg . estimates for reg qreg: test 0.foreign#c.weight==1.foreign#c.weight

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