Stata 15 help for estimates_describe

[R] estimates describe -- Describe estimation results


estimates describe

estimates describe name

estimates describe using filename [, number(#)]


Statistics > Postestimation


estimates describe describes the current (active) estimates. Reported are the command line that produced the estimates, any title that was set by estimates title, and any notes that were added by estimates notes.

estimates describe name does the same but reports results for estimates stored by estimates store.

estimates describe using filename does the same but reports results for estimates saved by estimates save. If filename contains multiple sets of estimates (saved in it by estimates save, append), the number of sets of estimates is also reported. If filename is specified without an extension, .ster is assumed.


number(#) specifies that the #th set of estimation results from filename be described. This assumes that multiple sets of estimation results have been saved in filename by estimates save, append. The default is number(1).


estimates describe can be used to describe the estimation results currently in memory,

. estimates describe

Estimation results produced by

. regress mpg weight displ if foreign

or to describe results saved by estimates save in a .ster file:

. estimates describe using final

Estimation results "Final results" saved on 12apr2009 14:20, produced by

. logistic myopic age sex drug1 drug2 if complete==1

Notes: 1. Used file patient.dta 2. "datasignature myopic age sex drug1 drug2 if complete==1" reports 148:5(58763):2252897466:3722318443 3. must be reviewed by rgg


Setup . sysuse auto

Fit a regression . regress mpg gear turn

Add a note . estimates notes: My basic results

Describe the results . estimates describe

Save the results . estimates save basic

Describe stored results . probit foreign mpg gear . estimates store myprobit . estimates describe myprobit

Describe results saved to disk . estimates describe using basic

Stored results

estimates describe and estimates describe name store the following in r():

Macros r(title) title r(cmdline) original command line

estimates describe using filename stores the above and the following in r():

Scalars r(datetime) %tc value of date/time file saved r(nestresults) number of sets of estimation results in file

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