Stata 15 help for estat_summarize

[R] estat summarize -- Summarize estimation sample


estat summarize [eqlist] [, estat_summ_options]

estat_summ_options Description ------------------------------------------------------------------------- equation display summary by equation group display summary by group; only after sem and gsem labels display variable labels noheader suppress the header noweights ignore weights display_options control row spacing, line width, display of omitted variables and base and empty cells, and factor-variable labeling ------------------------------------------------------------------------- eqlist is rarely used and specifies the variables, with optional equation name, to be summarized. eqlist may be varlist or (eqname1: varlist) (eqname2: varlist) .... varlist may contain time-series operators; see tsvarlist.

Menu for estat

Statistics > Postestimation


estat summarize summarizes the variables used by the command and automatically restricts the sample to the estimation sample; it also summarizes the weight variable and cluster structure, if specified.


equation requests that the dependent variables and the independent variables in the equations be displayed in the equation-style format of estimation commands, repeating the summary information about variables entered in more than one equation.

group displays summary information separately for each group. group is only allowed after sem or gsem with a group() variable specified.

labels displays variable labels.

noheader suppresses the header.

noweights ignores the weights, if any, from the previous estimation command. The default when weights are present is to perform a weighted summarize on all variables except the weight variable itself. An unweighted summarize is performed on the weight variable.

display_options: noomitted, vsquish, noemptycells, baselevels, allbaselevels, nofvlabel, fvwrap(#), and fvwrapon(style); see [R] estimation options.


--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setup . sysuse auto . regress price headroom trunk length mpg

Obtain summary of estimation sample . estat summarize

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Setup . webuse klein . reg3 (consump wagep wageg) (wagep consump govt capital)

Obtain summary of estimation sample for each equation . estat summarize, equation


Stored results

estat summarize stores the following in r():

Scalars r(N_groups) number of groups (group only)

Matrices r(stats) k x 4 matrix of means, standard deviations, minimums, and maximums r(stats[_#]) k x 4 matrix of means, standard deviations, minimums, and maximums for group # (group only)

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