Stata 15 help for estat lcgof

[SEM] estat lcgof -- Latent class goodness-of-fit statistics


estat lcgof [, nodescribe]


Statistics > LCA (latent class analysis) > Goodness of fit


estat lcgof is for use after gsem but not sem.

estat lcgof displays a variety of overall goodness-of-fit statistics.


nodescribe suppresses the descriptions of the goodness-of-fit measures.


See [SEM] example 51g.


Setup . webuse gsem_lca1 . gsem (accident play insurance stock <- ), logit lclass(C 2)

Latent class goodness-of-fit statistic . estat lcgof

Stored results

estat lcgof stores the following in r():

Scalars r(chi2_ms) test of target model against saturated model r(df_ms) degrees of freedom for r(chi2_ms) r(p_ms) p-value for r(chi2_ms) r(aic) Akaike information criterion r(bic) Bayesian information criterion

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